”Mrs Kaidonovsky.
             It has been a while.”

"Mako! It has been very long, you are much bigger now from when I last saw you!" 


"Um, I don’t actually work here. That is, I’m supposed to be visiting my brothers, but when I asked where to find them I just got laughed at, so I started walking around to try and find them myself and I got lost because this place is like a maze and—”

She pauses to actually breathe.


And you’re Sasha Kaidonovsky and I really shouldn’t be rambling to you. Um.”

Sasha watched the girl with amusement, eyebrows rising up as she mentioned brothers and casually nodding along with her story to let the girl know she was listening. “It is quite big here, my husband and I have gotten lost many times already.” 

She waves a hand to indicate it was fine and she understood, “It’s fine, I can help you find your brothers, what are their names?” Better to help her now then let the J-Tech sharks get to her. 


It was an effort not to choke on her words.


"… Maybe."

"Are you new? You don’t look like anyone from Vladivostok dome, I know all my techs.” 

"You look like a lost little lamb, do you need directions?" 

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